With sapele top, back and sides, this solid-wood Martin Special GPC Style 10 Road Series acoustic-electric guitar is a great-sounding instrument at an affordable price. New to this model are mother-of-pearl fingerboard and rosette inlays with a multi-stripe rosette border. This Martin Special GPC acoustic-electric model also has an FSC-certified Richlite fingerboard and bridge, satin-finished body and a hand-rubbed neck finish. Also new to this model is the Fishman MX-T electronics package with a built-in soundhole tuner that auto mutes the audio output so you can tune up any time, without using a pedal. This guitar comes with a premium soft shell case so it's road-ready.


  • Sapele top, back and sides with a satin finish
  • 25.4" Performing Artist neck with a hand-rubbed finish, FSC-certified Richlite fingerboard and bridge
  • Fishman MX-T electronics package with a built-in soundhole tuner
  • Chrome hardware, mother-of-pearl fingerboard and rosette inlays with a multi-stripe rosette border


  • Body type: Grand Performance, Single Cutaway
  • Top wood: Sapele
  • Back & sides: Sapele
  • Bracing pattern: X
  • Body finish: Satin


  • Neck shape: Performing Artist
  • Nut width: 1.75"
  • Fingerboard: FSC Certified Richlite
  • Scale length: 25.4"
  • Number of frets: 20
  • Neck finish: Hand-rubbed
  • Bridge: FSC Certified Richlite


  • Pickup/preamp: Fishman MX-T undersaddle piezo
  • EQ/Tuner: Yes


  • Case: Premium soft shell case (included)


Martin Special GPC Road Series 10 acoustic/electric

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  • Randy

    8 months ago

    Excellent value, but not quite as described

    This is a quality, solid wood Martin at a terrific price when on sale. The sound is full and well-balanced, typically Martin but with a bit less of the "boominess" that can come with a dreadnaught. Sound is a subjective thing, but I like the Martin sound, and this one makes a nice compliment to my Martin Performing Artist dreadnaught, being a bit more mellow with a fuller midrange. The pickup is basic, just volume and tone controls, but it sounds fine plugged in. However, my guitar did not include the described soundhole tuner. From comments on MF partner websites it appears that this is commonly omitted in this model, which is unfortunate for stage users, as it is a pretty cool feature. As it is, I basically have no tuner, unlike most of the competing guitars that have ...More

    Reviewed on musiciansfriend.com


    8 months ago

    Missing tuner still a keeper tho

    Played one at my local GC and was blown away. Had to have it even tho it was stretch for me financially. Did try out a few of the X series but the feel just wasn't the same. Ordered one a few weeks later plays just as great-no buzzing or intonation issues- only missing the tuner. Not going to exchange as I already went through a whole ordeal with the last guitar i ordered from GC but for close to a grand i wasn't expecting any corners to be cut. There was plectrum marks on the pick guard plastic so i knew this had been tested and i bet theres whole batch of tunerless GPC Martins out there. The wider neck feels great. My fingers are kinda fat so this helps. Before i had this i was fingerpicking on my SG which was ok but id occasionally get muffled notes which are all gone with ...More

    Reviewed on guitarcenter.com


    5 months ago

    Best Guitar for the $$

    If I had to choose only one guitar, this would be it. It plays so easy and sounds so good. Comfortable neck shape and all wood. It's relatively cheap, especially if you bought it on sale like I did. No, it won't boom like a D28, (I bought one of the MF Special D28's) but it is smaller, more comfortable & mellow sounding and I play it more than the D28. It has the internal tuner that I can quickly check in between songs and mutes the amp while tuning. The manufacturing quality appears as good as the American made. The sapelle wood is so mellow and I have to say the photos do not zoom in enough to show the beauty of the grain in the wood. It's amazing. I keep it out all the time on the wall hanger because I don't worry about the finish cracks and bindings coming off. The D28 ...More

    Reviewed on musiciansfriend.com


    a year ago

    Love the Road Series!

    I think Martin's Road Series is the best deal out there for an acoustic guitar. This guitar in particular must be made for GC/MF only because it doesn't show up on the Martin website in the Road Series lineup. I have other Road Series guitars and this is part of the Road Series line. This guitar sounds excellent and what you would expect from a solid Sapele guitar, similar to Mahogany but with its own voice. I love the sound of this guitar. For a GPC body it has a crisp bass thump but is also even across the strings. The neck is wide enough for my fingers to not get cramped while playing, but not too wide to make it hard to play. I really like the neck and playability of the Road Series guitars. The Fishman pickup and tuner are excellent quality as well. There isn't anything ...More

    Reviewed on musiciansfriend.com


    2 years ago

    Really great guitar at this price point

    I haven't owned a bunch of high-end acoustics, so I can't fairly compare this to a $3,000 or $4,000 Martin or Taylor. That said, I have been playing for decades and was gigging almost weekly before the pandemic hit. I play more electric guitar than acoustic, so with more time at home I wanted a nice smaller-body (than a dreadnought) cutaway for daily playing. This guitar sounds great and plays like a dream. Some may not like the fact that it doesn't have a gloss finish or binding. For me, that is a selling point. I love the simple, satin finish look ... and the fact that I didn't have to pay a few hundred more for an appearance that I don't like as much was great. I haven't had this guitar long, but I've had it long enough to know that I really like it. It feels solid, plays ...More

    Reviewed on guitarcenter.com


    8 months ago

    Best guitar for the money.

    I play out every week. Needed to replace my Taylor 314ce as the frets were just plain worn out. (18 years old) Anyhoo, took a chance on this gal and darned glad I did. Tons of punch and very harmonic. Looks are stunning. Fit and finish - perfect. Set up just right. Love the folks at Musicians friend!!

    Reviewed on musiciansfriend.com


    6 months ago

    Great guitar

    Had ordered a used Taylor GS mini, and the store shipped the wrong one. After getting an extra discount I ended up deciding on the new Martin. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it but after about an hour I was really in love. I only wish the frets we're a little larger. Also play a Taylor so it took a minute to get used to. You cannot find a better guitar for the price!

    Reviewed on guitarcenter.com